BOSS Introduces a Revolutionary Ice Management System

New QuickCube™ Product Drives Efficiency by Combining On-Site Salt Storage and Spreading

Iron Mountain, Mich. (June 19, 2017) — BOSS Snowplow is introducing a unique new skid-steer-based salting system designed to improve contractor profitability, decrease operational costs and improve reaction times to customer service needs. 

The new QuickCube System utilizes weather-proof, poly cubes (hoppers) that can be filled with solid deicing materials and staged at job sites in advance of wintry weather. The filled cubes will replace the need for remote salt piles, tarps and temporary salt shelters. The cubes can be stacked and are neutrally colored to blend in with existing landscaping. Material is fed to the spinner disc via gravity and the auger for reliability and ease of operation.

A fork-shaped spreader assembly is attached to the skidsteer via a universal attachment system and is used to pick up the filled cubes, move them and spread salt. The spreader utilizes the skidsteer’s auxiliary hydraulic couplers, with very few moving parts and no electric motors, making them easier to maintain and reducing the risk of breakdowns. The weldment can be easily removed and exchanged for snowplowing implements like a box plow–giving the QuickCube system even more versatility at job sites.

The QuickCube system will allow contractors to expand their service territory in a more cost-efficient manner than a traditional truck and salter combination. Furthermore, contractors will have a simpler time finding seasonal help to operate skidsteers than trucks–as in many cases, a skidsteer does not require a driver’s license (check local laws) and is less expensive to insure.

QuickCube was conceived by Nate Kohn, owner of Nate’s Landscape Company in southeastern Wisconsin. Kohn experienced firsthand the challenges in the ice management business. Like every business owner, Kohn’s focus was on improving the bottom line, and he realized that he needed a different set of tools outside of the traditional truck and salter combination to make it happen. After several years of concepting and prototyping, he took the idea to BOSS Snowplow, whose team of engineers listened and helped Kohn design and develop the final product.

“I’ve used BOSS products for years, and I trust its record of designing great products that keep the needs of its customers top of mind,” said Kohn. “I knew I wanted to work with BOSS to bring my idea to life.”
A QuickCube system consists of a spreader assembly and six poly cubes (hoppers). Each cube holds 1/2 cubic yard of deicing material. A complete QuickCube system has the same capacity as a 3-cubic-yard V-box hopper spreader.

“At BOSS, our primary focus is to build products that make our contractors more profitable and improve customer service response time,” said Mark Klossner, marketing vice president for BOSS Snowplow. “We listened to the challenges involving salt management, spreading and ice removal, and we partnered with Nate to develop his idea for a product that would solve some of the biggest problems contractors face in the field. We really like the simplicity of the system, with few moving parts, no electric motors or other parts to break down or maintain.”

There are several key features and benefits that set the QuickCube apart from other salt spreaders on the market:

  • Gravity-fed, weather-proof, aesthetically pleasing, stackable cubes can hold approximately 1,000 pounds of salt, replacing the need for remote salt piles, tarps and temporary shelters
  • Improved customer response time–stage a skidsteer, a QuickCube system and a box plow at the job site and hire operators who live close to those job sites. Operators travel directly to the site and begin servicing the customer
  • Greatly reduce travel of costly truck and spreader rigs during dangerous driving conditions–save fuel costs, wear and tear on trucks, and reduce accident risk by staging QuickCubes on jobsites when the sun is shining
  • Utilize an expanded potential labor pool by hiring skid-steer operators and not truck drivers–(always check local laws regarding licensing)

Designed with contractor profitability in mind, the QuickCube system is competitively priced and backed by the warranty and durability of the BOSS brand. For more product details, visit

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